Site reports

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Fastigon has over a decade of experience in real estate-related research for retail and retail developments. That kind of research and advice helps companies to make decisions concerning site selection and performance, market competition, entrance and expansion and their global marketing strategies. All these studies are backed by location based business intelligence software, quality maps and up-to-date demographic and socio-economic data.
Analysis of a site accessibility by car per cartographic view (isocronos regions) and a statistic analysis of the population of each zoning.

Delimitation and cartographic representation of the catchment area of a retail site.

Statistic analysis of the population included in a catchment area, in a X kilometer-zone or drivetime-zone.

Visualisation of existing or future sites and the actual competitors.

Selection of sites following socio-economic criteria.

Cartographic representation and spatial analysis of different variables.

Trend analysis of different socio-economic variables for well-defined areas.

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